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Gift Tracker

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Gift Tracker

A collaborative gift registry for anyone and for any occasion.

Track gift purchases with your friends and family. No more doubles. Awesome.

Create Lists

Create and maintain lists throughout the year and avoid saying: "Now what was that totally awesome thing that I wanted?"

You can create lists for yourself or for others.

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Add Gifts

See something you want but can't justify buying it? Add it to your list and maybe someone will get it for you!

If you've created a list for someone else, you have the option to reserve any gift you add so that others know it's spoken for and avoid awkward duplicates.

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Gift Details & Editing Info

Finding out information about each gift is easy in the gift view.

Need to edit something? No problem, simply click on whatever you need to change and it'll automatically save it!

Photo displaying example gifts and how they can be edited.

Easily Manage Lists

With Gift Tracker, it's easy to manage lists that you create or are shared with you.

It's also a cinch to share a list with any of your friends or family: simply add in their e-mail and it'll appear in their Gift Tracker list, even if they don't have an account yet!

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